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An agent you can trust

We set a really high bar for agents accepted into the UrbanAgents programme so you'll have peace of mind when engaging any UrbanAgent.

We use data to rank more than 28K agents in Singapore and accept only the top 5%.
Specially, we monitor the agent's listing activities across all major listing portals as well as their recorded transactions (for HDB) over the past 12 months.
We take in agents with at least 5 years of agent experience.
Sometimes, experience really does count, especially when it comes to unique scenarios like divorce, inheritance and navigating the mirage of ever-changing regulations. That’s why we only accept agents with at least 5 years of experience.
We track every UrbanAgent's performance over time.
We keep track on client's feedback as well as quantifiable deliverables such as actual sale price achieved and time required to sell home. We will drop agents with subpar performance from the programme.
We invest in every step to sell your home.
While all agency services will be provided by the individual licensed UrbanAgent, we invest in professional photos and provide additional marketing budget so that the UrbanAgent has the best chance of success in marketing your home.
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