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How does this work?

Selling your home can be one of the most stressful experience, and most homeowners still choose to engage a professional agent to guide them through the process. But how do you pick the "right" agent when every agent self-proclaim to be a top agent?

At Urban Agents, we solve this by using data to curate a list of agents while providing you options to incentivize your agent the way you want to.

You submit your home info.

We determine a "minimum target price" based on market data and unique information you provide.

We arrange an Urban Agent to go over his marketing plan and proposes schedule of performance-based fees (relative to "minimum target price").

You may choose to incentivize your Urban Agent by pegging his commissions to the performanced-based fees schedule.

Alternatively you may choose to incentivize him by rating-based commissions or a regular fixed fee.

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