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Sell with an Urban Agent from 0.5%

You can choose between 3 options on how you prefer to incentivize your Urban Agent to achieve the most ideal outcome for you.

An Illustration: Selling a $500k Home

Imagine you're the owner of a home worth roughly $500k.

Choose how you'd like to incentivize your Urban Agent.

Fixed fees

Final Sale Price
Minimum Target Price

The "minimum target price" is determined by market data and unique information you provide.

This typically ranges between 3-7% below current valuation (ie. Zoom Value powered by UrbanZoom).

Your Final Rating of Your Agent's Service

If you feel that the service level of your Urban Agent falls short of your expectation, you may choose to pay what you think he/she actually deserves.

Fixed Rate

You may also opt to incentivize your Urban Agent by a fixed rate

The fixed rate can be agreed upfront between you and the Urban Agent, as per common practice.

Final Sale Price
Fees (%)
Fees ($)
You Take Home*
* Assuming GST of 7% on commissions.
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