Median Profit of top 10 Condo Projects

With so many condo projects in Singapore, ever wondered which are the most profitable condo projects? Take a look at this chart that shows the Top 10 Most Profitable Condo Projects!*  Wow, all 10 projects earned over $1m in profits!

Fun fact: 4 out of the top 10 most profitable condo projects in Singapore have the word ‘Park’ in their name! 

Hmm, interesting… Does the word ‘Park’ in the condo project equate to huge profits? 

Here’s a tip. Maybe, pick one with the word “park” if you want good profits from a condo. 😉 

*Based on the average profit of projects with at least 10 units sold in the last 3 years


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Woah, next time need to look out for the word 'Park' when we are planning to upgrade to a Condo!

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