Median Leasehold Condo Profit by Districts

In another article we wrote, we saw that Freehold condo units in Raffles Place are making big profits! But what about Leasehold condo unit profits in the same area? Unfortunately, Leasehold condo unit in Raffles Place (District 1) are making losses, even while Leasehold condo units in other regions like High St, Jurong and Tampines are making profits! So if you are hunting for a condo unit in District 1, maybe consider Freehold condo units instead.

Location: Close to City Centre ✅

Restaurants: Plenty to choose from ✅

Profits: ❌❌❌

Yup you saw that right. Owners of Leasehold Condo units in Raffles Place (District 1) have made a LOSS!

Jurong has better Median Capital Gain than Orchard! I am moving to Jurong guys.

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