Freehold Condo Profit by Districts

One look at the chart we have compiled of Freehold condo profits and you can easily tell just how much more profitable Freehold condo units in Raffles Place (District 1) are in comparison to other regions in Singapore! Not only do freehold condos in District 1 enjoy high profits, the location is also excellent for both work and leisure. Whether as a living space or an investment, Freehold condo units in District 1 are definitely worth keeping a look out for!

Location: Close to City Centre ✅

Shopping: Plenty of malls to choose from ✅

Profits: 💰💰💰 ✅

In recent years, living at the CBD area might be profitable for home-owners of Freehold Condos in the Raffles Place Vicinity.

However, we have to warn you they are really hard to come by.


Wondering how important is it that the lease is Freehold? Want to know how Leasehold condo units in District 1 are doing? Check out our analysis on that!

What will it be like walking to work instead of commuting for long hours on the trains? I guess I will never be able to find out...

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