Average Size of Condo Units based on Floor Range

Based on the data we have of the average size of condos in Singapore in terms of floor area, the largest condos are those in the floor range of 21-30. A decreasing trend can be observed in the average size of condo apartments above the 30th floor, with the average floor area of condo apartments above the 50th floor even falling below 1000 sqft!

Unfortunately, there is a clear trade-off here between the size of your condo and the quality of your view. Guess we cannot get the best of both worlds! So, what is more important to you as a buyer?

The higher you go in a Condo, the smaller your apartment might get. (And also more expensive?)  

Are you willing to give up the size of your apartment for unblocked scenic views?

If the price is right, then I would actually prefer a higher unit.

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