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Vincent Lau | The Sky Is His Limit

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1. Tell us more about yourself!

I have been in the Real Estate industry even since I gotten my Real Estate Salesperson (RES) licence about 5 years ago. I started off dealing mostly with HDB transactions (buy, sell & rent) as approximately 80% of the population stayed in this type of housing. As I progressed further in my career, I realised that demand for private housing is not a sector to be overlooked mainly due to the increasing household incomes & aspiration to own a private property. Being a hybrid consultant who is well-versed in both markets, I can provide more insights & values to my clients.
Apart from work, I like to read, jog, play football (favourite club is Manchester United if that matters), & mingle with friends on my off days, some just standard things a typical guy will do.

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2. Why did you become a property agent?

I always have the burning desire to do something out of the norm in my career, which simply means stepping out of the corporate world & do something different. After considering several options, I finally decided that Real Estate is the most suitable industry I would like to test myself in. Being self-employed, your reward will be directly proportionate to the effort & sweat you put in & I like this idea a lot; Sky’s the limit.

3. How did you find the process of becoming a property agent? Was it tough?

The RES test is notoriously tough to pass. Lady Luck is on my side, so I managed to pass it with one attempt. The starting path is quite smooth I must say in this aspect. Being a self-employed surely has its own challenges. You must be disciplined, financially prudent & persevere even at the toughest situation. Most important, do not be afraid to do the things that make you uncomfortable. Stepping out of my comfort zone is extremely difficult, but it is also the most rewarding. ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’

4. What was the lowest point in your career as a property agent?

During the journey thus far, there are a few moments that I felt like giving up & go back to the corporate world to find a steady job. When you watch other agents clinching deals consistently, you will have a thought floating inside your head; ‘Why them, not me?’ Luckily, this does not break me, instead it strengthens me mentally to become a better person. I begin to do things out of my comfort zone & try new things that I cannot imagine myself doing previously.

5. How about the highest point?

Helping a lovely elderly couple sell off their 3-room HDB flat in Toa Payoh, so that they can comfortably retired in their new HDB studio apartment. When you see the smile & happiness on their faces during the HDB completion, it is enough to keep your drive & motivation going.

6. Any interesting encounters with a client during your career?

I met this adorable Malay elderly couple a few years ago, & I helped them sell their house. The profit will likely be able to support them comfortably & they are satisfied with my service rendered. The wife is a devoted & religious person who prays every morning, and to thank me further, she will keep me in her prayers every day. I could not be more thankful when I heard the gesture, though I sometimes wondered, after all these years, am I still in her prayers?

7. Have you ever met any unreasonable clients? How did you deal with them?

I must say I am fortunate that most of my clients are understanding & reasonable, except this one incident that my client (seller) negate on an agreement granting early move in for the buyer. To placate my client in honouring their agreement to the buyer, I must handle the situation carefully. The choice of words used must be carefully thought of beforehand, as the deal is on the verge of breaking. My client began to loosen up after a few rounds of discussion & after some compromising from both sides, we managed to reach a middle ground for all parties.

8. What lessons have you learnt from being a property agent?

As a professional property agent, you must be impeccable with your words. We can never say things that we are unsure of. Our clients will trust every word we say & we must do our absolute best in assuring that their house is in good hands. A property transaction to me is never a means to an end. If you are constantly thinking of the monetary rewards, you will never be able to give the best to clients, as you will likely become pushy. Instead, empathise with your client, do your best to help them resolve issues every step of the way. The reward that follows will be sweeter for sure.

9. If there’s one thing you could tell yourself in the past about being a property agent, what would it be?

‘This is one the best choices I ever made in my entire life thus far’

10. What are your goals for the future?

Currently, I do not have a team of associates yet, so definitely I will be planning to build one in the future. I look forward to growing along with the Urban Agents program, & I am most willing to offer my time & effort in helping them to become the best property platform in Singapore.

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