1. Tell us more about yourself!

I am a very easy going person. Full of energy and always chirpy. Someone who likes to open my heart and doors to people. Strong in intellectual skills which involves me to always think about situations, analyse and solve problems.

Thank you for the excellent service rendered. (1) Within a month, Tina managed to get a buyer for my Treasure Trove condo. (2) Processed my purchase of Sunnyvale Residence condo smoothly while I was overseas. (3) Given good advice and helping me to get some essential fixtures done for the condo to ready for rental. As always, Tina takes every steps of the way despite her schedule, going above and beyond to provide her best service and good advice to all her clients.


2. Why did you become a property agent?

I like non-routine work. Being an agent, I am always on my feet. Clients have many needs and that keeps me busy. I am a bumble bee and being on the move makes me feel the value of my time to the community. An agent does not only sell the house, they sell a home and many clients have felt that their agents disappear after the contract is signed. So I feel the privilege to be part of my clients’ life as they set up their home or allow me to many of their investments. And I do not think of myself as Property Agent. I am my Clients’ Singapore1Stop Advisor.

3. How did you find the process of becoming a property agent? Was it tough?

It will be a lie if I said it is a simple career. There are so much to learn in the trade. Our daily life does not cover what to sell to our clients. We act as mother, financial advisors, punching bag, counsellors, etc to our customers. Simply a HELP Desk to our customers.

4. What was the lowest point in your career as a property agent?

I struggled the initial 6 months as I was learning the ropes and had no customer base. But continued to be persistent and managed to close a deal that earned me $210 commission for a room rental. That motivated me even though it was a small amount. Eventually, my hard work was paid off as my initial 6 months of farming yield results.

5. How about the highest point?

When I received my League of Honour award from ERA for 3 years of hitting top 10 position out of 7000 agents. I felt the achievement and it is a good testimonial for the hard work I have put in and the trust my clients have given to me. It made me feel good that I was able to achieve the award in just 4 years of being in the industry.

6. Any interesting encounters with a client during your career?

Each customer is unique in their own ways. I recall a customer who called me urgently in the middle of the night. Her daughter had to go to the hospital as she developed strange spots on her body. We rushed her to the hospital and she stayed in ICU for the next 2 days. In times of need, I feel touched that the customer would think of me as their One Stop solution person. As they were from foreign land, it is important for them to have someone they trust to rely on.

7. Have you ever met any unreasonable clients? How did you deal with them?

Meeting unreasonable people…..there are many. It is how one perceive clients as unreasonable. I do not think that customers think they are unreasonable. The only way to “handle” such situations is to keep calm and think on their end how they feel and the emotions that are running in their mind. Most customers, after they go through their frustrations will calm down. There is nothing that cannot be settled with a cool and willing to “fix it” attitude.

8. What lessons have you learnt from being a property agent?

Before I joined Real Estate, I came from the Customer Experience sector. I have learnt that Empathy and Integrity is important in any trade. We have more than 30,000 agents in Singapore. So what makes me a different agent than the rest? Apart from building my knowledge on Properties, I had to learn about Market Trends, World Economics, Financial Stability, etc. But at the end of the day, I also realised, while an Agent can have the best information , it boils down to Why the Client buys from you. It is all about Trust and Relationship. That is what I call MAGIC between parties.

9. If there’s one thing you could tell yourself in the past about being a property agent, what would it be?

I should have been in this trade years ago. Never would I have imagined reaching the top levels in ERA. While the journey has not been easy, one can make the mark if you are TRUE to your words.

10. What are your goals for the future?

I wished for financial stability so that I can focus on meaningful things in life like helping the needy. It is my dream to physically work with the under privilege but before I can do that, I need some reserves so that I can do my volunteer work full time.

Kind Words From Tina's Clients

When I decided to look for an investment property 3 years ago, I “accidentally” met with Tina through one of the phone calls. Upon meeting up with her, she gave me superb advice in terms helping me to better understand my investment objective, my budget and she patiently walked me through a series of both new and resale properties that met my objectives and budget. Not surprisingly, I ended up buying a property through her. I recommended her to my brother and a few other friends. Nearly all, ended up becoming her clients and friends. Tina always provides top notch after-sales service as well. Be it renting, reselling, etc. she is the go-to person for anything related to property investment. I highly recommend Tina to anyone, and everyone that is keen to look at properties either for own stay or investment!

Su Kang

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Ms Tina Lee on her superb service rendered to me during the purchase of the above condo. She attended to my numerous requests, even late into the hours and her sincerity convinced me to purchase from her instead of other agents I met. Even after signing the agreement, she still contacted me on & off to check if I need any assistance. I highly recommend her service if there is any need for any property sale or purchase. Cheers to Tina!



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