1. Tell us more about yourself!

I have been a marketer with different organisations since I graduated with a degree in double majors. While climbing the corporate ladder, I went ahead to obtain my property licence and started to practice more actively in 2019.

My marketing experience has enabled me to creatively present the uniqueness of each property to the right audience. This has delivered immensurable results and assisted many clients to plan for their property portfolio.

Since I practice actively in 2019, I am blessed to be a consistent monthly Star Achiever and received the Million Dollar Club Award.

Possessing a positive mindset and highly adaptable have helped me make the best out of every situation. I strongly believe that lives can be improved when we dare to take the first step in our property investment plan. This will also be the same belief that I aim to inculcate in everyone I meet.

The professionalism demonstrated with well-equipped knowledge in terms of government policies, regulations of property transactions, buyers' and sellers' rights and obligations, and as a responsive and responsible property agent, has prompted us that Michelle will be our top priority agent to look for our next property engagement.

Mr & Mrs Tang

2. Why did you become a property agent?

A rewarding career that enables me to achieve as well as help others achieve financial freedom and plan for retirement.

3. How did you find the process of becoming a property agent? Was it tough?

To be a certified property agent, one has to go though the RES course and exams. Passing the exams at one take is not easy. Once certified, a stringent set of requirements to fulfil the continuing professional development training every year is put in place to ensure agents are kept abreast of new developments in the industry.

Many people assume that property agents earn big bucks and working hours are flexible. Reality is there is no fixed working hours. For agents in residential properties, weekends are usually taken up with clients rather than families.

As a self-employed, marketing costs and all forms of expenses are on our own. With inflation, these costs have gone up considerably, yet the commission rate remains relatively constant.

Time is a valuable asset which is invested to build credibility and a strong network of client base to ensure a sustainable business.

Recounting the above, it seems tough but the results and meaningful relationships forged make it seem so much more fulfilling.

4. What was the lowest point in your career as a property agent?

When I managed to secure close to 10 cheques for a popular new development with limited units, yet none was picked during the ballot. The marketing costs and time spent before the launch all went down the drain. While the going gets tough, the tough gets going. I will just have to assist those clients to explore other similar developments.

5. How about the highest point?

The satisfaction of earning the trust of a client from an open listing to an exclusive listing and given the autonomy to conduct viewings for their property when they were overseas which eventually secured a buyer. This same client also bought their new place through me as I took time to understand their needs and plans.

6. Any interesting encounters with a client during your career?

Most of the time, we have to guide and encourage our clients to make an offer for a shortlisted unit. There was this client who was spontaneous and wanted to make an offer upon the first viewing. I had to slow her down, make the necessary prudent checks and negotiated before we put up the offer.

7. Have you ever met any unreasonable clients? How did you deal with them?

There was a client who could not trust anybody as a result of past experience and has anger management issues. With patience and professional response, the client apologised at the end of the day and the relationship is cordial.

8. What lessons have you learnt from being a property agent?

Integrity and credibility go a long way
Never take things personally.
Rejection is part and parcel of life.
It is ok to voice our differing opinions objectively to clients.

9. If there’s one thing you could tell yourself in the past about being a property agent, what would it be?

Start to invest as young as possible in new launches at good locations when there weren’t so many property cooling measures. Today’s high is tomorrow’s low.

10. What are your goals for the future?

Being a property agent allows me to better appreciate property investment in land-scarce Singapore which possesses both economic and social stability. Therefore, I’ll be working towards my own property investment portfolio as well as sharing with people I meet and know on how wealth creation through property could contribute to their retirement plans.

Kind Words From Michelle's Clients

Michelle was really patient and she explained every detail i needed to know. I was not the easiest client to entertain but yet her patience and kindness was overwhelming...She gave me really good advice and always make sure my mind is clear before letting me make any decision. I'm now a happy and proud owner of my new home.

Diane & Seven

Really appreciate Michelle's help in closing the entire sale process in an amazing 2.5 weeks!! We are very pleased with your sound property advice and your professionalism in handling the whole sales matter of our unit. To home sellers out there, we highly recommend Michelle!

Vincent & Family

Michelle is very professional in handling the sales of our property from marketing to follow-ups and finally the successful closure. Throughout this period, we are very restful as we know it is in good hands. We are assured that she puts our interests first and provides sound market advice.

Lenon & Family

Michelle is both professional and attentive to our needs. Within three viewings, Michelle managed to negotiate a good price for the sale of our home. I am grateful for her advice and ensuring a worry-free sale.


Michelle has been a responsible and dependable agent. She will give good advice and think of my interests in every aspect when renting out my place. Because of her excellent service, I continue to engage her for future property related services and will not hesitate to recommend her to people I know.



Let’s work together.