1. Tell us more about yourself!

Before becoming an agent, I was an auditor working in one of the Big 4 Auditing firm, KPMG LLP. I was dealing with audit in the manufacturing sector, REITS, Insurance, Singapore Police Force and Charity Organisations. After that I moved on to American Express and was dealing with compliance with MAS regulation before embarking in a career in real estate.

I must say that I must say that Ethan is one of the most detailed and responsible agent that I have ever met, and I can't thank Ethan enough for his patience in helping me offload my unit. He is a very detailed person with all the timeline planning, and he was also very responsive to my questions and issues even after the transaction was concluded, though it was not within his responsibility to do it for me. Thank you Ethan.

Wai Ming

2. Why did you become a property agent?

One of the main reasons why I become a real estate agent is because I believe that the future of real estate is very bright, given that technology and inter-connectivity of the world has empower more people than ever. In the age of information technology, people are getting more savvy in investing, and real estate has become one of the most sought after choices. Coupled with the high home ownership in Singapore, real estate definitely shines as one of the most sought after asset.

3. How did you find the process of becoming a property agent? Was it tough?

Nothing comes easy in this world and I have to work hard for it, from making the decision to give up a fixed salary job and plunge myself into an unknown, to going thru the test and trainings of becoming a full time real estate agents and facing rejections. The hard work behind all our closings are not something that most people can see or understand.

4. What was the lowest point in your career as a property agent?

Having not close a deal in the first 9 months of my career as an agent. That was really a morale killer.

5. How about the highest point?

Besides the hard earned commission, satisfied clients who gave compliments and clients who become friends are some of the highest point of my career as an agent. It feels wonderful when I get the trust of clients who can feel that I have the best interest for them.

6. Any interesting encounters with a client during your career?

I think there wasn’t too much of a hoo ha during my span as an agent, but there was this particular landlord that I found really interesting. She called me after she found my number on the online portal and told me that she has a shop unit that she wanted to rent out, and so I went to meet her at the shop. During our first meet up, I remember it was during CNY period, and the first thing she did was to give me an ang bao, and the ang bao was $200. Getting ang bao from a landlord I met for the first time was already a surprise for me, and getting $200 from her is an even bigger surprise, as the amount is quite big relative to what many people may be getting out there.

7. Have you ever met any unreasonable clients? How did you deal with them?

We are all bound to meet people who are unreasonable be it on a work or personal level, but I always remain calm and composed, talk lesser and refrain from making negative remarks.

8. What lessons have you learnt from being a property agent?

Being an agent made me see things from a lot more perspectives compared to when I was working in the corporate world. Communications with clients from various demographic enable me to learn to better empathise with people.

9. If there’s one thing you could tell yourself in the past about being a property agent, what would it be?

Why didn’t I join this trade earlier?

10. What are your goals for the future?

My goal for the future is to build a team of agents, equip them with the knowledge and technical know-how so that my agents:

1) can reach out to help more consumers on their real estate planning
2) can carve out a good future for themselves

Kind Words From Ethan's Clients

I have nothing but the highest praise for Ethan’s professionalism. From his immense knowledge of the market, insightful financial analysis, to his thorough research on every shortlisted development that matched my criteria, and ultimately giving sound advice that helped tremendously in my decision making. I have experienced first-hand how he is patient, responsive and meticulous because he has a belief that his clients' satisfaction and well-being is more important than personal gains. I certainly have no qualms recommending his services to more.


Ethan has been a great help to me when I approached him after I saw his advertisement on Facebook, as I had plans to upgrade from my HDB flat to private condo. During the consultation, he went thru complex financial calculations and analysis with me and my family and eventually discourage me from selling my HDB to upgrade to a condo as it was not financially prudent for me. I appreciate his honesty as I think it is rare compared to other agents that I had spoken to in the past.



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