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About us

Our story

Re-imagining the entire home-selling experience

Our journey began when we launched UrbanZoom in March 2018, a property research portal for home owners in Singapore. Since then, our auto-valuation tool, Zoom Value, has generated hundreds of billion dollars worth of valuation searches, and is currently being used by various banks and proptech companies.

As home owners started using UrbanZoom for research, many have also reached out to us for recommendations for individual agents whom they can engage. We too recognized that while data-based analytics can help consumers make a more informed decision, an experienced agent will still continue to play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth transaction.

The problem, however, is deciphering who'll be the "right" agent to engage. This is where we think our data-based approach could potentially solve this "lemon problem". Admittedly, we are still early in our journey and will have our fair share of mistakes. We can promise, however, that every product features we launch will be coming from the angle of "how can we empower our home owners?" - this is essentially our mission and our purpose of existence.

Our core team

Michael Cho
Tammy Cho
Shinn Chong
Vy Tran