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Why UrbanAgents?

UrbanAgents is not a Real Estate Agency

We are a high technology startup that uses artificial intelligence to value real estate properties and match you to the ideal real estate agent.

Top 5% Agents
> 5 Years Experience
Result-based Commissions
How It Works

We curate the best agents and align their interests with yours

Tell us about your home
We gather details about your home and any specific requirements you may have.
Receive target price
We use data to determine a target price, which you can choose to peg to commissions.
UrbanAgent sells your home
We match you with an UrbanAgent from our curated list of top licensed agents from established agencies.

You choose how you'd like to incentivize your UrbanAgent.


1.0 - 2.5%

Based on your final rating of the UrbanAgent's service quality.
Fixed Fee


Pay a fixed commission rate (to be agreed between you and the UrbanAgent).

What's different about UrbanAgents?

  • Pay variable commissions based on performance
  • Data-driven target sale price that can be pegged to commissions
  • Curated list of top agents based on transaction & listing data
  • Agents equipped with data analytics tools and progress portal for each transaction
Traditional Agents
  • Pay fixed commissions regardless of performance
  • No rigor in deriving appropriate sale price
  • Every agent self-declaring to be a top agent
  • Lack of data tools and reminders to update clients promptly on progress

How we determine your home's target price?

Unique inputs from you
Tell us about your home's unique features and we'll use those details to give you a more precise estimate.
Neighborhood Comparisons
We use millions of data points such as transactions, listings, transport pattern, hyper-local news, etc to augment our algorithm.
Deep Experience
Our team at UrbanZoom has conducted hundreds of S$billion of auto-valuations for banks and proptech companies and we constantly update our algorithm.

How do we curate our list of UrbanAgents?

Top 5% in records
We track listing activities and transaction (HDB) records across 28K agents and only admit the top 5% active agents.
5 years of agency experience
Every UrbanAgent is a licensed agent with at least 5 years of agency experience and goes through a rigorous review process.
Performance Tracking
We actively track each UrbanAgent's performance and solicit home owners' feedback. If their service is not up to par, they will be dropped from our program.
Get In Touch
Feel free to contact us anytime
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