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Landed Paradise 7:50

Junese brings us through this tastefully designed terrace unit at Ventura Heights.

Condo Sparkle 8:55

Sister combo, Ning & Michelle, walks us through this beautiful condo apartment at The Glades.

HDB Re-imagined 5:26

Check out Sean’s tour around the this modern-day take of public housing wonder at Fernvale.

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When I decided to look for an investment property 3 years ago, I “accidentally” met with Tina through one of the phone calls. Upon meeting up with her, she gave me superb advice in terms helping me to better understand my investment objective, my budget and she patiently walked me through a series of both new and resale properties that met my objectives and budget. Not surprisingly, I ended up buying a property through her. I recommended her to my brother and a few other friends. Nearly all, ended up becoming her clients and friends. Tina always provides top notch after-sales service as well. Be it renting, reselling, etc. she is the go-to person for anything related to property investment. I highly recommend Tina to anyone, and everyone that is keen to look at properties either for own stay or investment!

Su KangTina's Client

Ethan has been a great help to me when I approached him after I saw his advertisement on Facebook, as I had plans to upgrade from my HDB flat to private condo. During the consultation, he went thru complex financial calculations and analysis with me and my family and eventually discourage me from selling my HDB to upgrade to a condo as it was not financially prudent for me. I appreciate his honesty as I think it is rare compared to other agents that I had spoken to in the past.

RonaldEthan's Client

Michelle was really patient and she explained every detail i needed to know. I was not the easiest client to entertain but yet her patience and kindness was overwhelming...She gave me really good advice and always make sure my mind is clear before letting me make any decision. I'm now a happy and proud owner of my new home.

Diane & SevenMichelle Yap's Client

When I was looking for refinancing packages, Bryan patiently gave me a run down of all banks and their respective rates, explaining the terms and conditions in detail. He assisted me throughout the refinancing process and even tried to find a lawyer that would be closest to my workplace. He understands exactly what you need, even just from bits and pieces of information you provide. Working with him is like a walk in the park.

Li MengBryan Huang's Client

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