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Here're 6 reasons why you won't regret working with an Urban Agent:


1. FairPay Pledge: Our Service Guarantee to You

Pay What You Think We Deserve

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We are confident that you will enjoy our insanely home-owners-centric customer experience and that we will be worth every penny of a 2.5% commission fees.

However, if you feel that the service level of our UrbanAgent falls short of your expectation, you may choose to pay what you think the Urban Agent actually deserves (down to minimum of 1.0%).


2. Agents with Awesome Credentials


We pre-screen and handpick our affiliated agents from various established real estate agencies so you won't have to.

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5 Yrs OF Agents Experience

Every Urban Agent is a licensed agent with at least 5 years of agency experience.

They also go through a rigorous review process before they are accepted into our program.

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Personalized MatchING

We will match you with an Urban Agent with the most relevant track record to your home.

We will also take into account any special requirements from home owners when picking the appropriate Urban Agent.

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Performance Tracking

We actively track the Urban Agent's performance and solicit home owner's feedback throughout each service journey.

If their service quality is not up to par, they are purged from our program. 


3. Market Intelligence on Steroids


Each Urban Agent is equipped with data analytic tools (powered by leading proptech company - UrbanZoom) to provide you recommendations based on hard evidence.

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Competing Listings

We track all major listing portals for the latest listings and compile competitive analysis against your home.

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Transaction Comps

We highlight relevant recent transactions and provide recommendations on pricing strategy based on hard evidence.

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Market Trends

We provide overview of market trends and summarize relevant regulatory concerns so you can make well-informed decisions.


4. Stepping-Up Your Home Presentation


We invest to present your home in the best light so the Urban Agent can help you sell higher, faster.

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Home Staging

A successful listing begins with a tidy, neat-looking home.

We will provide home staging advice and physical labor assistance in order to get your home in its most presentable state.

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Pro Photography

Stand out visually against other listings with home photos taken by a professional.

We will send our photographer to your home to capture your home with proper camera and lighting equipment.

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Smart Locks

Your chance of a timely home sale correlates with the number of home viewings. 

We will install, with your permission, smart lock to your home (if it's vacant) to allow DIY home viewings in odd hours even when the Urban Agent is unavailable to conduct a guided home tour.


5. Timely Updates & Reporting


Stay on top of all key events in your home selling journey.

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While the Urban Agent will keep in constant contact with you on your preferred communication channel (eg. WhatsApp, Email, etc), we will also maintain a running archive of key events in your entire home sale journey.

Along the way, we will also solicit your feedback on your Urban Agent's performance so that he/she may address your specific concerns and improve the overall service quality.


6. And So Much More!


We go the extra mile to give you an insanely great customer experience.

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marketing budget boost

How will your home listing receive maximum market exposure?

Sometimes, it's really down to the advertising dollar that your agent allocate. This is why we provide additional funding to contribute to the Urban Agent's budget for your listing.

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Free Rides for Home-viewing Buyers

Sometimes, potential home buyers just need that additional nudge to visit your home.

We will pre-qualify home buyers and pay for free rides for serious buyers to view your home.

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Property Insurance for Home-viewing Mishaps

What if a potential home buyer broke your tenant's beloved vase during home viewing?

Shit happens, and we're here to give you peace of mind, with property insurance for damages up to S$5,000.


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